Internet’s a mystery
So vast yet filled with certainty
Connections lost but new ones found
And you and me, we are bound
By first hellos and last goodbyes
But last they don’t as our time flies
From technology to face to face
Then eye to eye and hand to waist
Truth be told, or rather hidden,
To withhold was life, rewritten.
Friendship, love, and pain together,
Mean I’m stuck on you. Forever.


step 1: make girl laugh
step 2: make girl moan

Best Sunday blues cure.
I’m Jessica McKenna, an aspiring makeup artist and I guess a new found blogger.





people that don’t know the piano notes must be so confused 

son sit down with ur sense of music superiority literally everyone gets the joke

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i love that book the fault in our wallflowers

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Dear Prime Minister, Do you read newspapers?

Jason here, telling you to check out the craziest website. If you like staring at random images..